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Author: Valeska Heckmann

Valeska Heckmann

Valeska graduated in 2010 with a diploma degree in Nutrition Science from Fachhochschule Münster. She then started her career in a PR agency with focus on B2B communication for the food industry. In October 2021 she joined BENEO’s Corporate Communications team. In her role as PR-Expert she manages the external PR activities with our PR agency network worldwide.

  • Palatinose™ Blue Hour: under Palatinate’s blue sky

    Palatinose™ Blue Hour: under Palatinate’s blue sky

    Our colleague Valeska Heckmann writes about the Palatinose™ Blue Hour which was brought to life by our Functional Carbs Team for developing ideas the unconventional way at BENEO. In a little village in the Palatinate region she joined this inspirational session about BENEO’s smart carbohydrate with eight other BENEO colleagues to find out if there is unleashed potential.