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Chicory campaign 2022 at BENEO in Chile

Field of chicory roots

How it feels to work as a woman in a male-dominated field

The 2022 campaign was one of the longest in the history of BENEO in Chile, against the backdrop of a pandemic and in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which created uncertainty and economic and financial dislocation at local level. During this 2022 chicory campaign, there were many challenges and lessons to learn. But thanks to the efforts, quick adaptation and good attitude of the entire BENEO Chile team, we managed to complete this campaign in a positive way. For the first time in the company’s history, two women were integrated as mechanics in the machinery and own fields department.

I spoke to Connie Rojas about her experience during the chicory campaign. She is one of only two female mechanics working for BENEO in Chile. Connie told me how it feels to work for BENEO as a woman in a male-dominated field and what excites her most about her job.

Can you tell us something about your experience during the chicory campaign? How is it to work as one of two women in this field and what excites you most about it?

When I started my studies at university as a mechanic, it was a bit strange because there were very few women in my year. In my first job, I worked as an excavator operator for 6 years. In the beginning, I experienced that some colleagues were dismissive towards me. But once I was able to demonstrate my work skills, I felt good and confident. I also think that the mentality has changed and there is more openness to women working as mechanics. In the short time I have been at BENEO, my colleagues have made me feel good, so I feel very comfortable at work.

We are glad to hear that. What is particularly appealing in your job?

I really like to learn and expand my knowledge as a mechanic and due to the agricultural machinery used in BENEO it has been a constant learning. In future I would also like to get to know the operations part.

Last but not least, Connie: What do you appreciate working with BENEO?

I like the innovation of BENEO. The chicory cultivation uses high-tech machinery that I did not know and had not seen before. Thus I could expand my knowledge. In addition, my colleagues have integrated me very well into the machinery team.

Chicory roots before harvesting
Harvesters in a chicory field
Harvested chicory roots


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