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A new collaboration of STATE energy drinks

STATE energy drinks with Palatinose

STATE energy drinks has a new ambassador, and we got a first preview! Their newest addition to the STATE family: Jonna Sundling, a Swedish cross-country skier. And not just any skier, an Olympic gold winner! So when they invited us for a day of photoshoots and interviews with Jonna, I could not wait to get on the plane.

Delivering slow energy, the fastest way possible

As STATE energy drinks delivers on slow release energy, the match with many sports is easily made. With Palatinose™ in their formulation, they can promise athletes the energy they need for excelling, especially in endurance sports.  Having a skier in their team of ambassadors is a first.

Founder, Jon, was happy to share the story behind his growing beverage business. His mission is clear and simple: delivering slow release energy, the fastest way possible. Being a former soccer player himself, he knows all about the nutritional needs of athletes. The brand has grown exponentially over the past years, but he’s not intending to stop here. Now growing their market share in Sweden, this is where these enthusiastic ambassadors help. And many other European countries are following!

A chat with cross-country skier, Jonna Sundling

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Jonna. In between her hectic day of photoshoots and interviews, she was nice enough to still take the time for some questions. I was curious to hear about how nutrition plays a role in her sport and life. As we stood on a beautiful ski slope in Sweden, with minus 10 degrees Celsius, she did not complain once about the cold. I guess she’s used to the weather here. (I, on the other hand, was freezing but keeping a brave face).

You do both sprints, as long distance races. How is nutrition different in these fields?

I am best at sprints, but I also do the long distances indeed. Overall it’s the same principle: you need a lot of energy! The difference is that a sprint is only a few minutes, so you need to eat before and in between the sprints. For long distance, you also eat and drink during the race to provide energy during the race.

For both, I need fast and slow carbohydrates. The hardest part is getting enough energy into my body. That’s why I also use products like gels and drinks for races.

Do you pay attention to specific ingredients in your nutritional plan?

Yes, it’s very important to have the right energy supply. The most important thing to me is that I like ingredients from a natural source.  

Do you pay attention to slow carbs/slow sugars?

I do! I need the energy for the races and training. Before, I try to fill up with a lot of energy. I like using natural products for this, for example a banana.

I use gels and other products for races for fast and slow carbs to get enough energy. For long races, we eat during the race and use products like gels and drinks with carbs.

Have you heard of Palatinose™ before?

Yeah, I have heard of this ingredient. I know it’s in some products I use.

What would be your number one nutritional tip for similar athletes?

Eat a lot more than you think! You really need the energy. And of course, use STATE energy drinks. 😉

Speaking of, how did you end up as a new ambassador for STATE?

I teamed up with STATE because I felt like it was a perfect match for me. I like all of their drinks, they taste good. It’s great products and flavours. They are really my favourite.

At this point I had already stretched the time her planning had foreseen for me. But Jonna is just one of those people that are too kind. She kept answering my questions until she got called away for the next video shoot. Here I got to see her in action live, as she did some slopes for the video shoot. Amazingly powerful, that’s how I would describe seeing her sprinting off. I think we’ll hear a lot more from her in the future!

If you’re curious to read more about STATE and Jonna Sundling, read the full article from Beverage Daily.


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