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Delicious hybrid burgers with Meatless® ingredients – BENEO’s latest movie.

Hybrid Burger with Meatless

A recent global consumer survey conducted in 2023 on behalf of BENEO revealed that more than half of consumers worldwide are interested in plant-based nutrition for a variety of reasons. Besides being fully plant-based, there is also a big potential for products that combine meat with plant-based proteins. This study showed that the consumer interest for hybrid products is the highest in Asia (86%), followed by the Americas (57%) and Europe (50%), which is still a high score.

Recipes in line with consumer trends.

Our colleagues at the BENEO-Technology Center developed recently several hybrid recipes that are containing a combination of meat/fish and plant-based ingredients, in line with the latest consumer trends. Various BENEO ingredients can be used to make delicious hybrid products where part of the meat or fish can be replaced by for example BENEO’s plant-based ingredients including textured wheat proteins or Meatless®.

Mouthwatering inspiration to watch.

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The team developed a movie to show you how easy it is to make great tasting hybrid beef burgers. A part of the beef meat (40%) is replaced by Meatless® Faba bean flakes, which results in a burger with a great texture, juicy mouthfeel and nice colour. In case that it would be needed, Meatless® Binder can be added to improve the cohesiveness of the mass and the bite of the final burger. Depending on local raw material prices, the recipe cost of the hybrid burger can be significantly reduced by replacing part of the expensive meat by Meatless® ingredients.

At the end of this movie, some examples of other hybrid products made with Meatless® Flakes are displayed such as hybrid minced meat, hybrid meat balls, hybrid Turkish kebab sausage and there are many more delicious meals to prepare, having all a great taste and texture. Enjoy watching these hybrid dishes!


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