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Exploring New Horizons: Noëmie’s Journey of Living and Working Abroad

Noemi living in different countries

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live and work in a different country? In this blog article, we have the pleasure of meeting Noëmie, a dedicated member of the customer technical support team at BENEO.

Could you tell us about yourself briefly and how you started in BENEO?

Hi, I am Noëmie, and my journey with BENEO began more than four years ago when I joined the customer technical support team as a trainee. During my studies, I always wanted to work abroad. So, I chose to work for BENEO where I could spend my first year in Germany, followed by working in our application centres and with customers in Belgium. Afterwards, I was based in Belgium taking care of our French customers. It was great to work with people from three different countries closely together. And actually, I have colleagues and friends from many more countries. In BENEO, we work across countries in various projects and teams a lot.

How come you moved to the Americas/United States?

Well, there was an opportunity which I was very curious about. The nice thing was that I already knew my American colleagues from joint meetings and projects, which made my decision a lot easier. Now, I am taking care of our regional application lab/centre together with my colleagues and support our customers in the United States. Speaking the local language made it easy to arrive and get to know new people. It was nice that there was no language barrier. I love adventure, immersing myself in new cultures, and exploring the way people live in different countries. Just discovering new things.

What did you discover? What do you see as the main difference between your guest country and your home country?

Everyone is very nice and welcoming here, so I can easily connect with people. Maybe the way you interact is less formal in the US compared to other countries such as Germany. Most people use their first names when writing e-mails, it is shorter and more direct. This suits me well since I’m a direct person myself.

Distances are huge and my colleagues, especially the sales team, are spread across the whole country. Therefore, we collaborate a lot virtually or in a hybrid way, though our team events bringing everyone together are amazing. Of course, the food is different here and also the kind of food ingredients that are used when I work out recipes. Moreover, the sweetness perception differs. People have a slightly sweeter tooth here. When I develop a new recipe and I let my colleagues taste it, they often say it is not sweet enough, whereas the sweetness is perfect to me.

What advice would you give to colleagues or people who are interested in working in a different country?

I believe it’s crucial to be open-minded and flexible when moving into a new country. You should be prepared to encounter different ways of doing things than what you’re used to in your home country. Sometimes, the real experience might align with your expectations based on what you’ve seen in movies or TV shows, but there can also be surprises. I highly recommend connecting with local people. Personally, I’ve made wonderful friends through the sports I enjoy, such as climbing and dancing. Don’t hesitate to do activities on your own, explore your hobbies, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Take the time to get to know the country, as there are always new places waiting to be discovered.

Thanks a lot for sharing your insights, Noëmie. Let´s stay connected and hear more about your experience of living in different countries.


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