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A Day with Our BENEO-Technology Center Experts

BENEO-Technology Center Tienen Bakery Lab

Join us to discover what a day in the lives of our BENEO-Technology Center colleagues in Tienen looks like!

The employees at the BENEO-Technology Center (BTC) drive the company forward with their expertise. They continuously seek new ways to improve our knowledge of application technology. This involves innovating ingredients, final applications, and processes. With five food application laboratories in Belgium, Germany, the USA, Singapore, and Brazil, our ingredients are ready to be part of the next new creation.

Starting the Journey at the Bakery Section

Filled with curiosity, it was now time to follow the tracks of some colleagues. We hopped on the BTC train to explore different applications, starting with the bakery section.

The delicious smell of freshly baked goods welcomed us. The innovation appetite was palpable as we witnessed the first test batches of mouthwatering apple pastry. Team members gathered to inspect and admire the results as soon as they came out of the oven. Nearby, another colleague prepared a batch of freshly made cookie dough. Once ready, the cookies, containing our new ingredient Orafti®ß-Fit, were individually shaped and placed in the oven.

Exploring the Fish and Meat (Alternative) Section

Leaving behind the inviting aromas of the bakery, we moved to the fish and meat (alternative) section. Here, plant-based fish sticks, made with our Meatless® Flakes, were being carefully coated one by one. Creating the perfect fish stick shape and then covering it with crumbs to achieve a crunchy texture is a detailed job.

Discovering the Chocolate Lab

The next stop on the BENEO train was the chocolate lab. Freshly prepared chocolate, made with our chicory root fibre Orafti® Inulin, lay on the table. We enjoyed a bite of this reduced sugar, tenderly melting chocolate. Getting a tour through the Technology Center and tasting appetizing chocolate: I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Learning About Vegan Cheesecake Base

On to learning more about another sweet dessert: the vegan cheesecake base. Using BENEO ingredients, the base was prepared from start to finish using quite a few different and technical steps, resulting in a vegan cream cheese with a short texture and smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Once more, it became evident that the colleagues are truly experts with only having witnessed a few of them. Discovering more about other exciting things, such as our tasting cabins, and other products, including cereal products, soups and sauces, are on the menu for the next BTC visit.

Experiencing the New Professional Kitchen

To optimize the Center’s workflow in Tienen, we recently installed a professional kitchen. With his amazing cooking skills, our culinary chef, Jelbrich Hendrickx, produces fresh products with BENEO ingredients. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment, like a Hobart mixer and combi steamer, to whip up tasty applications on the spot. Thanks to Jelbrich and the newly equipped kitchen, our customers can be welcomed in the BENEO world and get inspired by seeing firsthand what the ingredients can be turned into.

Join us as we explore a day at the BENEO-Technology Center in Tienen, discovering innovative applications from bakery to chocolate lab.


All in all, it was another busy day at the BENEO-Technology Center. The passion for BENEO’s ingredients and the drive for innovation were truly admirable and infectious. On to the next mouthwatering creation!


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