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  • Anne-Catherine Van den Heuvel

    Anne-Catherine Van den Heuvel

    Anne-Catherine Van den Heuvel has been working for 9 years at BENEO in Belgium as Management Assistant and she has recently been integrated into the Corporate Communication Team. She has a Bachelor degree in Language Interpretation and Translation, which she studied in The Netherlands….

  • Anja Hoffmann

    Anja Hoffmann

    After completing a commercial apprenticeship and further training as a secretary, Anja began working in the newly founded central quality department at the Südzucker Group in 1992. As part of a young team, she helped to establish quality management within the Group. She later supported the head of the research and…

  • Ali Patel

    Ali Patel

    Ali Patel is a freelance writer and PR consultant who has been writing on functional ingredients for over 15 years. Based in the UK, she is passionate about healthy eating, the role of businesses in influencing positive change throughout their supply chain and the power of food to improve life…

  • Anke Sentko

    Anke Sentko

    Anke Sentko graduated from the University of Bonn, Germany, in 1982 with a diploma in Nutrition Science. Since then she has worked for the food industry in the areas of nutrition, communication, legislation and approval processes worldwide….



    Here we chat out of the sewing box. We share our experiences, our knowledge and our new discoveries. Everything for healthy nutrition….

  • Charlotte Keulen

    Charlotte Keulen

    Charlotte Keulen graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor degree in Marketing at UCLL Hasselt. After that she obtained her postgraduate certificate in Digital Marketing. She gained experience in several marketing positions for the past 9 years and specialised further in digital marketing and copywriting. Since 2021 Charlotte became part of…

  • Christian Philippsen

    Christian Philippsen

    As Managing Director of BENEO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Christian Philippsen is in charge of the regional offices in India and Singapore, charts the direction for the BENEO business, and ensures that the company enjoys sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region. His move to Asia from Germany in 2013…

  • Denisse Colindres

    Denisse Colindres

    Denisse graduated with honors from the University of Loyola (New Orleans, USA) with a Bachelor´s degree in Biological Sciences (2000). Curious to experience Europe, she went to the Netherlands to pursue a Master of Science MSc. degree in Human Nutrition and Health at the University of Wageningen (2005-2007). There she…

  • Diana Koh

    Diana Koh

    Diana has been with BENEO for 8 years as the Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, where she is in charge of regionalizing the marketing activities for 16 countries in the region. She is also the Country Manager for Japan and is a self-professed Japanophile. She enjoys eating and cooking so much…

  • Elisabeth Llop

    Elisabeth Llop

    Elisabeth has 34 years’ experience in the food industry as a food engineer. She successively held positions in production, at a retailer, and finally in the ingredients world where she found the good balance between sales and technical aspects. She is in contact with BENEO for already 25 years, 1st as…

  • Eva-Maria Link

    Eva-Maria Link

    Eva joined BENEO’s Corporate Communication team in 2022, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Spanish and Business Administration at the University of Mannheim with a focus on linguistics, marketing and CSR. During an internship at a PR agency, Eva discovered her passion for the food ingredients industry. In her…

  • Eileen Rajczyk

    Eileen Rajczyk

    Eileen Rajczyk has been working for BENEO more than 15 years in the office in Parsippany, New Jersey. In her spare time, she loves to frequent breweries with her friends, take long rides with her husband, cook a delicious meal, garden and the best part is spending time with…

  • Gabriele Bach-Rentz

    Gabriele Bach-Rentz

    Gabriele Bach-Rentz has a lot of experience from various branches. In 2013 she joined the Südzucker Group and since 2020, she is working at BENEO as Team Assistant to Operations. In her spare time, Gabriele is a versatile artist, a painter and musician. In 2014, she initiated a ‘Gallery Exhibition’…

  • Gudrun Dold

    Gudrun Dold

    Gudrun graduated with a Master degree in business with the majors in marketing, human resources and organizational development from University of Münster, Germany. After several years in marketing, she joined BENEO’s international HR team. She is curious about both food trends and stories about our people, organization and culture (inside…

  • Goh Peen Ern

    Goh Peen Ern

    Peen Ern joined BENEO Asia-Pacific as the Nutrition Communication Manager in 2015. Prior to BENEO, she was in the health supplement industry in applied scientific research. In this role, she identified and designed health supplements by translating the nutritional science and marketing insights into commercial applications. Peen Ern also…

  • Hanna Bean

    Hanna Bean

    Hanna Bean has been with BENEO for five years working for Market Intellicence & Consumer Insights. Since 2021 she supports BENEO’s Team in the Americas on all marketing topics. Hanna has 10 years of experience in B2B & B2C marketing in the food & beverage industry. She holds a master’s…

  • Isabel Trogh

    Isabel Trogh

    Isabel Trogh is for almost 10 years working within BENEO in Belgium (Tienen) as Customer Technical Support Manager. She is graduated with a Master degree of Bio-engineer Chemistry (option food) at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. Afterwards, Isabel obtained a doctoral degree in Applied Biological Sciences at the…

  • Jan van den Akker

    Jan van den Akker

    Jan van den Akker has been in different purchasing roles in various companies and industries since 1985. In January 2012 he joined BENEO where his main responsibility is sourcing rice for the plants in Wijgmaal (Belgium) and Confienza (Italy)….

  • Julian Mellentin

    Julian Mellentin

    Julian Mellentin is the founder of New Nutrition Business ( ), a company dedicated to provide strategic and marketing insights to the global health and nutrition business since 1995. New Nutrition Business has offices in London, Scotland, Portugal, USA and affiliates in Korea and Japan and is best-known for its…

  • Konstantin Grißmer

    Konstantin Grißmer

    Konstantin Grißmer is in his 5th year with Beneo in Mannheim, working as Category Sales Manager in the DACH region, as well as Product Manager for the Functional Carbohydrates Isomalt and Palatinose™. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a Masters degree in Economics of Nutrition, both of which…

  • Katrien Gillé

    Katrien Gillé

    Katrien Gillé has an MBA in International Business, obtained in Missouri USA. After gaining experience in different marketing related positions, she joined BENEO in 2023 as Marketing communications Project Manager….

  • Klaudia Volmer

    Klaudia Volmer

    Klaudia holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business – Intercultural Studies from the University of Heilbronn, Germany. In 2016, she joined BENEO as Product Manager of Functional Carbohydrates and is responsible for the innovation and development of BENEO’s functional carbohydrates, Palatinose™ and Isomalt. During her studies, she spent a year in Argentina…

  • Michele Leyer

    Michele Leyer

    Michèle began her career in 2000 as an Account Manager Automotive with Cobra Tradepoint Communications & Brands Consults GmbH (Frankfurt am Main/Germany). In 2002 she joined BENEO-Palatinit GmbH, a division of Suedzucker AG, in Mannheim (Germany) as Manager Marketing Services & Events. In 2006, she graduated from Business School (WA…

  • Renata Càssar

    Renata Càssar

    Renata Càssar is the Manager Nutrition Communication Latin America in the BENEO Institute. In this role, she is responsible for sharing knowledge about the science supporting BENEO ingredients with customers (business-to-consumer companies) and healthcare professionals. Renata has a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition…

  • Robbe de Man

    Robbe de Man

    Robbe graduated at KU Leuven with a master in Bioscience Engineering. He joined the BENEO family in September 2022, taking up the role as Sales Country Manager for Eastern Europe. His responsibilities include expanding our customer base and supporting new business development activities. Robbe is a well-trained runner, and therefore…

  • Sofie Colombeen

    Sofie Colombeen

    Sofie Colombeen has been with BENEO since 2014, first as sales assistant for BENELUX, and later as a marketing team assistant and member of the Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights team. She holds a master’s degree in Linguistics (English/Spanish) and Business Communication from the Catholic University of Leuven. She thinks…

  • Susana Elgueta

    Susana Elgueta

    Susana Elgueta has been with BENEO in Pemuco for 17 years, since the construction of the plant in Chile. Initially as an assistant manager and currently she is the Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator, she is responsible for internal communications, external communications and the development of programs with the…

  • Silke Ullmann

    Silke Ullmann

    Silke Ullmann received a Bachelor degree in Nutrition Science in Germany. Afterwards, she moved to the US where she graduated with a Master of Public Health in Nutrition. Silke lived in the US for 12 years gaining valuable experience in the food industry. In 2016, she joined BENEO and the…

  • Terence Tan

    Terence Tan

    Terence Tan is a health food ninja who has been working as an Area Sales Manager in the Singapore office of BENEO since 2017. He is passionate about bringing healthier ingredients into our daily food and making the world a better place, one bite at a time. He graduated from…

  • Valeska Heckmann

    Valeska Heckmann

    Valeska graduated in 2010 with a diploma degree in Nutrition Science from Fachhochschule Münster. She then started her career in a PR agency with focus on B2B communication for the food industry. In October 2021 she joined BENEO’s Corporate Communications team. In her role as PR-Expert she manages the external…

  • Yoghatama Cindya Zanzer

    Yoghatama Cindya Zanzer

    My name is Yoghatama Cindya Zanzer. I joined BENEO as Manager of Nutrition Science in 2019. I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Molecular and Clinical Nutrition from Lund University, Sweden and M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Biomedical Science from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain. In my current role, I am…